Max Scherzer: The Master of Mind Games and Pitch Clocks!


Hello sports fans! Today, we’re diving into a hilarious moment from a recent baseball game that had us all chuckling. The star of the show? None other than Max Scherzer, who’s already making waves with the new Pitch Clock rules.

In a recent game, Scherzer was up against batter Riley Adams. But instead of the usual pitch-and-hit, Scherzer decided to play a little game of his own. He held onto the ball for an unusually long time, making Adams squirm in discomfort. The tension was palpable, and Adams was forced to use his one and only timeout of the at-bat.


Mad Max tried a similar strategy an inning later but was called for a balk for quick pitching 🤔 (h/t @pitchingninja) #mlb #pitchclock #maxscherzer #mets #baseball ♬ original sound – officialnocta_

But here’s where it gets funny. As soon as the timeout was called, Scherzer immediately got set and stayed set throughout the entire timeout. He was like a statue, ready to strike at any moment. And the best part? He knew that as soon as Adams stepped back into the box, he could pitch to him. So, he just stood there, waiting for Adams to step into the box so he could throw him a strike immediately.

And guess what? It worked! As soon as Adams stepped back in, Scherzer threw a strike. Talk about a master of mind games!

This hilarious moment just goes to show that baseball isn’t just about physical skill. It’s also about mental strategy and keeping your cool under pressure. And Scherzer, with his pitch clock mind games, is clearly a pro at both.

So, the next time you’re watching a game, keep an eye out for these little moments of strategy and humor. Who knows, you might just catch another player trying to pull a Scherzer!

I hope you enjoyed this funny take on the video! Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like me to write about.

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